Piercing Aftercare

Do not:

  1. Touch it
  2. Let someone else touch it
  3. Listen to anyone except your piercer or medical professional
  4. Touch it!
  5. Clean with anything other than what you piercer tell you
  6. Take your jewelry out
  7. Twist, turn or move it
  8. Swim in lakes, ponds or rivers

What to do:

  1. Rinse with saline 2-3 times a day
  2. Do NOT touch it
  3. If it gets dirty, wash with mild antibacterial soap
  4. Call your piercer with questions

Oral specific care:

  1. Buy a new toothbrush immediately
  2. Rinse your mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash (Tech2000, Biotene) after anything in your mouth other than bottled distilled water

What to expect

The first two weeks:

  • Don’t touch it
  • There will be clear or yellow-ish liquid expelled. This is not pus, leave it be
  • Avoid too much excess movement

Two to five weeks:

  • With normal care you should regularly be seeing a dry white scab around the piercing, this is normal.
  • This is the point in time which changing the jewelry is possible, though not always the best idea
  • You’re almost home kids, keep up the good fight with care! It’ll be worth it

Thirty to ninety days

  • With good care your piercing is now healed. Please return to all normal activities
  • Still try to be mindful of soap and other contaminants as they can still irritate your piercing

Tips and tricks

  • Don’t self-appraise/diagnose. If you think there may be a problem…. Please call (502) 384-6378, email us or come by the shop. SERIOUSLY
  • Try not to party too hard. Alcohol can cause some havoc with you piercings.
  • Get good sleep. Your body repairs and heals better when its well rested.
  • Try to eat right… furthermore, take a multi-vitamin. Again your body heals better when its fueled by the right fuel.
  • Change your sheets, and pillow case. This will keep some body oils and things off your new piercing.
  • Don’t take your jewelry out. For real, don’t do it. Even a few seconds could be disastrous if you plan on keeping the piercing.