Noah Childs

My name is Noah Childs and I have been tattooing since 2004 and piercing since 2000. Born and raised in Kentucky, at 15 I wanted my tongue pierced. With no professional studio within an hour of where I lived I opted to research and do it myself. Little did I know, that decision would quickly turn into a professional career that has taken me from the Ohio river to the islands of the Caribbean. Now I have planted roots here in Louisville Ky and found a home at The Hornets Nest. I’m confident and capable of tattooing in both black and grey and full color. Whatever style I deliver solid lines, soft shading, and vibrant saturated color with a positive friendly attitude. Always creating I also make silver and gold jewelry and well as paintings and art in many other mediums. Please enjoy this selection of my work. To see more of me and my work please feel free to click on the Email, Facebook, and Instagram links below my picture.