Lissa Guerrero


I was born and raised by the greatest parents ever, here in Louisville, KY. My family has always supported my artistic talent and because of that I’ve been an “artist” since I could pick up a pencil. I attended the University of Tennessee for 2 semesters and decided that the big university life was NOT for me. I transferred to a private art college, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, and graduated with a BFA in 1994. I spent many years as a freelance artist and worked in management. My tattooing career began in 2006 which I owe to the late, great James Hardy.

I enjoy various styles of tattooing. My emphasis lately has been geared towards horror inspired full color pieces. When I first started tattooing my emphasis was on American Traditional. Since joining the awesome team here at the Hornet’s Nest I have expanded my knowledge and techniques to engulf other styles.

On my off time I enjoy spending time with my incredible family (old man and dog included), and my true friends. My hobbies include too many to list. As long as I’m laughing and having fun it does not matter!

“Why go through Life unnoticed!”

Please enjoy this selection of my work. To see more of me and my work please feel free to click on the Email, Facebook, and Instagram links below my picture.