I started my piercing apprenticeship in the summer of 2000, when i was just 17 years old.  I was certified and piercing professionally within a little less than a year, but i have always considered myself a permanent student of the industry.  Always eager to continue learning and adapting.  Three years later i underwent a full apprenticeship for tattooing as well, although in years since i have retired from tattooing to focus more on the administrative side of the industry.  I have nearly two decades of professional tattoo shop management experience, and i am well known for my customer service abilities.  Early in my career some colleagues, (and a few professional rivals as well) started jokingly referring to me as, “the nicest guy in the tattoo industry.”  A title that i proudly adopted and strive to keep alive in practice every day.  If you have problems, concerns, or simply questions, please feel free to bring them to my desk any time.