My name is Boomer Johnston. I have tattooed in Louisville, KY for over 15 years now. I have achieved awards in my career as well as having some of the tattoo’s that I have worked on published in magazines. The most notable magazine would be The National Tattoo Association Magazine. Most of my career I get asked what tattoo style is my favorite. I find it so hard to answer this question because I truly like anything to do with tattooing and drawing for that matter. I do like adding my own artistic flare to tattoos or just doing full custom pieces. This makes for a more personalized tattoo for the customer.

My tattoo art is very much influenced by many artists over the years. Joe Capobianco, Guy Aitchison, and Nikko Hurtado would be a few. Always learning and striving to do every tattoo better than the last insures my customers with the very best quality and experience I can give.