Billy Noel


I was born in Louisville, Ky in 1974 and have spent the majority of my life here as well. While I have always had a love of art, I didn’t know I wanted to be a tattoo artist until I was around 19. After learning all I could on my own I took my first position at Eternal Images here in Louisville. Over the years I have had the privilege of working at many studios, in Kentucky and other states. I have enjoyed working with some very talented artists and have taught many as well. I began winning awards when I was around 26, with each one driving me to improve even more.

After becoming a multi-award winning artist and enjoying my work being published in international tattoo magazines, I wanted to take it to the next level and become the owner of a studio. After much trial and error, I’ve finally found the perfect balance for me at The Hornet’s Nest Elite Art Studio. The crew, atmosphere, d├ęcor, and clientele – all based out of the East End – are exactly what I’ve dreamed of for years.

While I have tattooed various styles throughout my career, I currently enjoy focusing on mostly custom pieces with an emphasis on new school, photo realism, and bold color. Although these are my favorite types of pieces, I am always trying new techniques and other styles and am open to almost anything. My goal is to continuously challenge myself and give each of my customers a piece that is perfect for them.

When I’m not hard at work at the shop I enjoy spending time with my family, riding mountain bikes, surfing, skateboarding, writing music, singing, and playing guitar.