Tattoo Aftercare



  1. Remove bandage after one hour.
  2. Wash with a mild antibacterial soap (such as Dial) with cool or lukewarm water twice daily, gently washing off excess blood, plasma, and ointment.
  3. Use clean towel or paper towel to gently pat the area dry.
  4. Allow the tattoo to air dry for about five minutes or until the area is completely dry.
  5. Once completely dry, apply a thin layer of a triple antibiotic ointment. (A&D or Aquaphor work well also)
  6. While sleeping, apply a thin layer of ointment, then loosely wrap with a bandage. This helps keep your tattoo moist while ensuring your bedding is guarded from blood, plasma, and ointment.
  7. Repeat these steps for at least five to seven days.


  • Signs of infection or irritation include: redness on or around the area and/or throbbing pain after two days, heavy scabbing, and bleeding or pussing on or around the area.
  • If your tattoo becomes overly irritated, please call your artist.
  • If tattoo is overly irritated, stop putting ointment on it as this can trap infection close to your body.
  • Consult a physician about the area to make sure you are healing properly. If any of the above are occurring without improvement, PLEASE CALL A PHYSICIAN.

DO NOT PICK AT OR TOUCH YOUR TATTOO: Picking at the healing tattoo or excessively touching the tattoo WILL cause irritation, delays in the healing process, or the need for a touch up much sooner than should be needed if the tattoo was able to heal properly.

Touch Ups

  • After your tattoo is Completely healed (which usually takes two to three weeks) it MIGHT require a touch up.
  • All of our artists guarantee their work, as well as offer a free touch up.
  • Touch ups are only offered Monday through Thursday.

    Please remember that our artists tend to stay busy, it is highly recommended that you call and schedule an appointment for the touch up.

    ***REMINDER*** In the event that you had your fingers tattooed after we explained that these tend to “fall out” – There are no free touch ups offered.